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Drying kilns

Discover everything about our energy-efficient working principle, our dehumidifiers and the available peripheral equipment.
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Wood drying company

We dry wood in our eleven automated drying chambers, which are equipped with the latest Parmatam dehumidifiers.
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Innovation as an asset

Looking for a quality wood drying kiln? Be sure to visit Parmatam nv in Zwevegem. The family business was founded in 1963 and is currently run by Henk Maertens. He and his team value innovation like no other and closely follow the latest trends within the sector. They can count on reliable suppliers to deliver materials.

Design the ideal drying chamber

Companies can turn to Parmatam nv for a customised service. Depending on your situation, we supply the right kilns, from user-friendly standard models to advanced high-tech installations. Our range includes fans, humidification equipment and control software. We will provide you with useful advice so that you can build a well-insulated wood drying cell yourself.

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Impeccable customer service

The delivery, placement and installation of the equipment is our responsibility. We also offer all necessary support on site (e.g. training). If your existing installation is in need of maintenance or if you’ve got any questions, you can count on our strong follow-up service. Regardless of whether you are located in the Netherlands or abroad, we are happy to assist you!

Would you like to have your wood treated so that it can easily be processed afterwards? Make sure to visit our company website. With our eleven automatically controlled drying chambers, we can get the job done in no time, always with respect for the environment and the surrounding area.

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