Method of operation

Energy-saving & efficient

When wood or a crop is harvested, it contains a lot of moisture. In the latter category, think of plums, chilis, peppers or tomatoes. Since natural drying through wind is often too slow, we developed an efficient drying system at Parmatam nv. By using that, we respect the environment and the product to be dried by creating an optimal climate with as little energy as possible.

How do we get to work?

Below, we explain the different steps of the drying process:

lucht_Tekengebied 1

A fan sucks in the air from the room to be dried and sends it on to an evaporator. That device in turn cools the dry air to below the dew point, which separates the water from the dry air. Then, condensation takes place and the separated water drips into a container.

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A condenser collects the dehumidified air, after which it heats it up again and makes it even warmer than the intake air. The dry air then flows through heating resistors and is reheated, if necessary.

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The air

The warm and dry air returns to the drying chamber. The humidity in the drying chamber drops evenly because the air is constantly flowing through a dehumidifier.

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