Peripheral equipment

Peripheral equipment such as fans & moisture meters

In addition to the drying kiln, we sell all kinds of accessories that are equally important to achieve a well-functioning drying installation. Think of fans with a Siemens motor, especially made to function under high temperatures and high humidity. We also have innovative software on offer.

Peripheral equipment

Automatic controls regulate the climate

Our automatic control dTouch continuously adjusts the ideal air temperature and humidity to dry under favourable conditions. The system does this depending on the thickness and density of the material to be dried.

With the help of software and a user-friendly interface, you can even connect the model to your PC and therefore manage your installation remotely. The controller comes standard with four wood humidity measurement points, one air temperature probe and one EMC measurement.

Peripheral equipment

Humidification system with stainless steel nozzles

In order to keep the humidity under control at all times, we provide a humidification system with stainless steel nozzles in addition to our dehumidifier to increase the humidity if desired. The system consists of a solenoid valve and a stainless steel tube with a number of stainless steel nozzles mounted on it.

In order to protect the drying chamber against overheating, we provide two motorised air valves. We place it on the side walls or on the roof of the chamber. We connect all these components to our central switchboard.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of the above peripheral equipment.

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